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MARA - SUNDAY Youth Alpine Program Registration

MARA - SUNDAY Youth Alpine Program Registration

All SUNDAY programs start on December 31st 2023.

Fill out the form and select your program below.

Jacket Pickup will be at the Ashland Armory on December 14th from 5-7PM! Be sure to bring your jacket and volunteer deposit checks. Click here for more info.

Alpine Intro- 6 Weeks $330

The six week long Intro Program is designed to give athletes and families “a taste” of what the Development Program entails and is the MARA entry point for young skiers. Generally recommended for athletes ages 7-10 years old, the Intro Program is fun and safe and designed to build basic skiing skills on all mountain terrain — as well as introducing the athletes to ski racing fundamentals. The program is led by enthusiastic coaches who focus on helping athletes learn to love everything about skiing – gliding, carving, gates, moguls, jumps, adventure, and camaraderie.  Athletes will spend about 10%-15% in gates at this level, depending on abilities and development. Program extensions will be available for purchase near the end of the 6 weeks. 


Alpine Development- 9 Weeks $470

The nine week long Development Program is the MARA entry point for young skiers usually 8-12 years old, and is a fun and safe program rooted in skiing all terrain, building skiing fundamentals, and introducing the athletes to ski racing. Led by enthusiastic coaches who focus on having fun, gaining strong fundamental skills and exploring new terrain, our development athletes learn to love everything about skiing – gliding, carving, gates, moguls, jumps, adventure, and camaraderie.  By basing our Developmental Program on having fun, being creative, and teaching strong fundamental skills, we hope to insure a healthy ski culture for all athletes and inspire future top competitors.  Development athletes will spend approximately 20% of their time training in gates. Program extensions will be available for purchase near the end of the 9 weeks. 


Race – 12 Weeks $615

The Race program consists of two levels of training, Regional Race and USSA/FIS Race, each designed to refine and enhance the athlete’s skills and knowledge of the sport.  The Race program is developmentally best for athlete’s ages 10-18 years old.  Our athletes will train and compete in Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G and Down Hill.


2024 Season Calendar And Schedule

All Sunday programs begin on Sunday Dec 31st

Holiday Camp is complimentary for all 12 week athletes

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Liability Release & Indemnity/Medical & Insurance Agreement

LIABILITY RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT I acknowledge that skiing is a hazardous activity and that I have made a voluntary choice to participate in the MARA Program at the Mt. Ashland Ski Area despite the risks that it presents. I agree to assume any and all risks of injury or death which may be associated with or result from my participation. I further agree to RELEASE FROM LIABILITY and to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the organizers (MARA and MT ASHLAND ASSOCIATION d.b.a. SKI ASHLAND) and their owners, agents, landowners, affiliated companies and employees from any and all claims by or on behalf of myself and/or the participant arising out of or related to competing, training, instruction, conditioning, use of ski area premises or facilities, and/ or travel to and from activities, including any and all loss, claim or damage resulting from or occurring due to participant’s failure to have and/or wear a helmet, which is required to participate in a MARA sponsored event. Despite this requirement, I understand that helmets are not designed to prevent injury under all circumstances and that use of a helmet is no guarantee for my safety. I, THE UNDERSIGNED, HAVE CAREFULLY READ AND UNDERSTOOD THIS AGREEMENT AND ALL OF ITS TERMS. I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT WHICH MAY PREVENT ME OR ANY OTHER PERSON FROM RECOVERING ANY DAMAGES IN THE EVENT OF DEATH OR ANY INJURY TO THE PARTICIPANT. I, NEVERTHELESS, ENTER INTO THIS AGREEMENT FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY AND AGREE THAT IT IS BINDING UPON ME, MY HEIRS, ASSIGNS AND LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES. RELEASOR HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGES THAT I WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY MARA SPONSORED EVENT WITHOUT A HELMET. MEDICAL AND INSURANCE AGREEMENT Parents and athlete hereby authorize MARA and/or its designated coaches to secure any hospital, medical, dental, or surgical care, treatment and/or procedures. Parent also consents that in the event of injury to the athlete, coaches can sign for the athlete to receive care, treatment and/or procedures under the instructions and directions of the licensed physician on call at the emergency room of the nearest hospital or emergency facility; but parents and athlete will pay for such care, treatment, and procedures. MARA or designated coach will notify parent at the earliest possible time during or after such care, treatment, and/or procedures. Parent knowingly and voluntarily consents in advance to such care, treatment or procedures to encourage physicians and/or coaches to exercise their best judgment as to the requirements of such care, treatment or procedures. Athlete and Parent hereby specifically indemnify and agree to hold harmless MARA and Ski Ashland, and their respective directors, employees, agents, volunteers, and coaches from all cost or any claim arising out of/or in connection with such care, treatment and/or procedures. MARA requires that athlete be covered by valid and sufficient medical insurance. Parent agrees to provide this information to MARA so prompt medical care can be obtained if needed. For the consideration of ski racing, instruction, and training performed by MARA, the athlete and parent/legal guardian do hereby covenant and agree to hold harmless and indemnify MARA and Ski Ashland and their respective directors, employees, volunteers, agents and coaches for any injury sustained by athlete/child/ward occurring or arising out of activities of ski racing, instruction, racing, training, or traveling to and from races or training. This indemnity includes claims based on negligence.

MARA Code of Conduct

MARA Code of Conduct Membership in the Mt. Ashland Racing Association (MARA) is a privilege, not a right. All MARA members (athletes, coaches, parents, board members and officials) when participating in any MARA activity must agree to conduct themselves according to MARA’s core values of Team, Loyalty, Integrity, Respect, Perseverance, and Accountability and abide by the spirit and dictates of this Code of Conduct. All members must agree to comport themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, and are responsible for their actions while attending or participating in all MARA activities (including but not limited to camps, competitions, and projects). Sportsmanlike conduct is defined as, but is not limited to: respect for fellow MARA members regardless of occasion, respect for competition officials, resort employees, and the skiing and snowboarding public, respect for facilities, privileges and operating procedures, the use of courtesy and good manners, acting responsibly and maturely, refraining from the use of profane or abusive language, and abstinence from illegal or immoderate use of alcohol and use of illegal or banned drugs. While participating in any MARA activity: 1. MARA members shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the International Ski Federation Statutes, the United States Olympic Committee Bylaws, the USSA Bylaws, and the MARA Code of Conduct. 2. MARA members shall conduct themselves at all times and in all places as befits worthy representatives of the United States of America, the United States Olympic Committee, USSA, the Western Region, the PNSA and Far West divisions, and MARA in accordance with the best traditions of national and international competition. 3. MARA members are responsible for knowledge of and adherence to competition rules and procedures. Members are also responsible for knowledge of and adherence to the rules and procedures of the USSA national teams and camps, MARA camps, camps conducted by other clubs or organizations or other projects when participating in such. 4. MARA members shall maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct, which includes self-control and responsible behavior, consideration for the physical and emotional well­being of others, and courtesy and good manners. 5. MARA members shall abide by MARA and USSA rules and procedures while traveling to and from and participating in official MARA activities. 6. MARA members shall abstain from illegal and/or immoderate consumption of alcohol. Absolutely no consumption of alcohol is permitted for those individuals under the age of 21. 7. No MARA member shall commit a criminal act. 8. No MARA member shall engage in any conduct that could be perceived as harassment. That includes, but is not limited to harassment based upon gender, age, race, religion or disability. 9. MARA members will avoid profane or abusive language and disruptive behavior. 10. MARA members agree to abide by anti-doping rules and procedures established by WADA, USADA, and/or FIS. Failure to comply with any of the above provisions by an athlete, an athlete’s parent(s) or guardians(s), a coach, an official, a board member or any MARA employee, may lead to disciplinary action by MARA. -Disciplinary action may include: -Removal from the team trip or training camp. -Suspension from training and/or competition. -Elimination of coaching, travel, and other benefits. -Forfeiture of MARA membership. Nothing in this Code shall be deemed to restrict the individual freedom of a MARA member in matters not involving activities in which one could not be perceived as representing MARA. In choices of appearance, lifestyle, behavior and speech while not representing MARA, competitors shall have complete freedom, provided their statements and actions do not adversely affect the name and reputation of MARA or USSA. However, in those events where one is representing or could be perceived as representing MARA, MARA demands that its members understand and agree to behave in a manner consistent with the best traditions of sportsmanship and MARA’s core values.

Adapted and amended from the USSA Code of Conduct 5/12

Team Jacket Agreement

Most MARA athletes will receive a MARA Karbon jacket for use in the program.

At the conclusion of the season, MARA jackets must be returned to MARA on the final day of the athlete’s program.  Jackets should be returned unwashed (we clean them at the end of the season). Hoods need to be attached and pockets need to be emptied.

In most years, a final collection event will be arranged in town for those who were unable to return jackets on their last day of training.  This will usually occur in early April.  Details will be emailed to members as the end of the season approaches.

If the jacket is not returned by the final collection event, the $100 jacket deposit will be cashed.

If a jacket is not returned by May 1, or it is returned in unusable condition (beyond normal wear and tear) you will be charged for the replacement of the jacket (the $100 deposit plus an additional $150).  

Extensions will be granted for athletes participating in late season races as a MARA athlete or attending the MARA Mt. Hood summer ski camp program.  In this case, jackets will need to be returned to a designated MARA representative on the final day of the event.